CS 8100

An ideal blend of simplicity and sophistication, the CS 8100 truly redefines panoramic imaging. Designed to make your daily work easier and more intuitive, the system features a variety of tools to make positioning easier, image acquisition faster, and higher image quality more accessible—exactly what you need to streamline your workflow, improve usability, and make more accurate, real-time diagnoses.

For even more imaging options, take advantage of the CS 8100SC system—our all-new option that combines both panoramic and cephalometric imaging.


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Now available with CS Adapt image processing for more individualized and accurate diagnostics.



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2014 Dental Advisor - Top Radiography Panoramic Imaging System - CS 8100


Cephalometric Option

 CS 8100 SC - Cephalometric Option

Discover how simple technology can be with the CS 8100SC.* Combining panoramic and cephalometric imaging capabilities in one compact and easy-to-use system, the CS 8100SC makes image acquisition fast and effortless.

  • Ideal for everyday orthodontic and OMS applications
  • Fastest cephalometric scanning in the world with scan times as little as 3 seconds**
  • Exclusive automatic tracing software allows full within 90 seconds
  • CS Adapt module delivers impressive image clarity with a customizable look and feel
  • Choose from a full range of fields of view, including a cranial option (26 x 24 cm), standard (18 x 24 cm) and low dose format (18 x 18 cm)
  • Generate lateral, oblique, frontal (AP/PA), submento-vertex, and carpus*** images
  • Ultra-compact system can be installed in most practices and is one of the smallest cephalometric units in its category
  • Dedicated sensors—one for panoramic imaging and one for cephalometry—eliminate the need to change sensors between examinations and reduce risk of damage

**18 x 24 cm lateral image option in fast scan mode 
***Available as an option 


In addition to four patient morphologies and three jaw shapes, the CS 8100 offers a range of sophisticated acquisition programs to help you capture the image you want. Select from the following programs:

• Standard Panoramic Exam 
• Pediatric Panoramic Exam 
• Segmented Panoramic Exam 
• Panoramic Exam without TMJ 
• Lateral TMJ Exam—4 Views 
• Lateral TMJ Exam—2 Views 
• Sinus Program 
• Exclusive 2D+ Program 

CS Adapt


CS Adapt 

CS Adapt module lets you define and customize your preferred image look and feel to suit your needs. In addition, CS Adapt image processing dramatically improves image quality.

  • Choose from up to six pre-set filter options

  • Ability to define your own look and feel

  • Intuitive library-style for browsing and selection

  • Faster and more accurate diagnoses

  • State-of-the-art image quality 




Tube voltage

60 - 90 kV

Tube current

2 - 15 mA


140 kHz

Tube focal spot

0.5 mm (IEC 60336)

Total filtration

> 2.5 mm eq. Al

Input voltage (AC)

100 - 240 V - 50/60 Hz



Sensor technology


Image field

6.4 x 131.2 mm 6.4 x 120 mm (pediatric)*

Gray scale

4096 - 12 bits


1.2 (± 10%)

Radiological exam

Full panoramic, segmented panoramic, maxillary sinus, LA TMJx 2, LA TMJx 4, 2D+

Exposure mode

4 patient sizes (Child. Adult: small, medium, large) 3 dental arch morphology (normal, square, sharp)

Exposure time

2 to 12.5 seconds



Sensor technology


Image field

6.4 x 263.3 mm

Gray scale

16384 - 14 bits


1.13 (± 10%)

Radiological exams

Lateral, frontal AP or PA, oblique, submento-vertex, carpus (optional)

Exposure time

3 to 10 seconds

Minimum required space

Without ceph arm: 1200 (L) x 1400 (D) x 2400 (H) mm With ceph arm: 2000 (L) x 1400 (D) x 2400 (H) mm


Without ceph arm: 72 kg (158 lb.) With ceph arm: 107 kg (236 lb.)


Applications and Benefits


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