CS 8100 3D System

Introducing the CS 8100 3D, the powerful and easy-to-use 2D/3D imaging system that makes 3D technology simple. Combining our award-winning 2D imaging with the power of 3D, the CS 8100 3D covers a broad range of applications and is ideal for daily use. The CS 8100 3D offers the highest image quality for your investment and makes 3D imaging more accessible—truly putting powerful imaging technology within everyone’s reach.

Now available with Low Dose imaging, optional cephalometric imaging and new 3D applications.

CS Advantage

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Maximize your investment with CS Advantage: In order for you to get the most value from your Carestream Dental imaging solution, you need services that go beyond the point of purchase. We created CS Advantage to ensure that you have the best experience possible with your new system.

CS Advantage encompasses these three service pillars:

  • CS Protect: Extend the warranty of your equipment to ensure peace of mind
  • CS Update: Access to the latest updates available to ensure practice efficiency by staying up to date with the latest innovations
  • CS Support: Get the best services for continuing education and ongoing support

Already purchased a Carestream Dental product? Contact us to know the conditions to be enrolled in CS Advantage.

Learn more about CS Advantage 

Clinical Cases

1-CBCT provides clarity of prognosis

Dr. Limosani uses the CS 8100 3D to determine the appropriate endodontic treatment for his patient.Read More

2-CBCT and CAD/CAM Allow for One-Day Restoration of Tooth #9

Dr. Pauley uses the CS 8100 3D and the CS 3500 to treat a young patient's tooth fracture by fabricating a permanent dental restoration on the same day.Read More



Tube Voltage 60 - 90 kV
Tube current 2 - 15 mA
Frequency 140 kHz
Tube focal spot (IEC 60336)


0.7 mm (0.03 in.) with X-ray tube OPX110S or 0.6 mm (0.02 in.)

with X-ray tube D-067

Input voltage (AC) 100-240 V - 50/60 Hz
Unit dimensions


330 (L) x 894 (D) x 1596 (H) mm

13 (L) x 35.18 (D) x 62.83 (H) in.

Minimum required space


1200 (L) x 1400 (D) x 2400 (H) mm

42.24 (L) x 55.11 (D) x 94.48 (H) in

Weight 92 kg (202 lb 13 oz)
Technology Dental Volumetric Reconstruction (DVR)
Sensor technology CMOS


Volume Field Of View


diameter x height (cm)
4 x 4 / 5 x 5 / 8 x 5 / 8 x 8 / 8 x 9 cm* (*8 x 9 not available in Canada)
Radiological exams Full, upper or lower jaw - Full, upper or lower molar - Occlusion - Teeth
Gray scale 16384 -14 bits
Voxel size (µm) 75 µm minimum
Exposure time 7 to 15 sec

Applications and Benefits


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