RVG 142

Quality and affordability without compromise

The RVG 142 lets you enter the world of digital intraoral radiography with a solution that is both cost effective and easy to
use—without compromising on performance.

Complex—without being complicated

The RVG 142 is very easy to use, but don’t let its simplistic nature fool you—this is one high-tech sensor.
Capturing an image is as easy as position, expose, view.In seconds, the image appears, reducing waiting time for you and your patient. With no control box, there’s no need to arm the sensor or open the image acquisition interface to prepare the sensor for image acquisition.Instead, the RVG 142 sensor is always on and ready to acquire images. The rear-entry cable reduces bulk at the back of the sensor, making it easier for you to position the sensor and acquire an image—which increases patient comfort. The cable is also thinner, further facilitating positioning and handling. A convenient dose indicator helps identify over- or under-exposures, enabling you to quickly readjust X-ray settings.

Durability meets reliability

A sleek new design reduces the number of wires by 50 percent—and we have reinforced those wires to improve durability. The cable itself is stronger and more flexible, enabling it to withstand hard pulls and torsions. The sensor is fully waterproof, making it easy to disinfect and
enhancing hygiene and safety.

Quality and Versatility

The RVG 142 produces high-quality images that can be optimized, thanks to pre-programmed anatomic filters for endo and perio. You can use the filters to increase/ decrease image contrast and improve your diagnostic capabilities, as well as the sharpness filter to enhance clinical details. For easy access to your information, the sensor uses TWAIN compatibility to integrate with leading dental practice management software and almost any imaging software. Available in size 1, the RVG 142 is a great general purpose sensor, providing the ideal compromise between ease of use and active area.
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Exceptional value and Carestream Dental ingenuity

With the RVG 142 digital radiography system, there’s no compromise between quality and affordability. Built on decades of digital radiography engineering, the RVG 142 offers the functionality and reliability that only Carestream Dental can provide—plus extraordinary value and maximal return on investment.





Size 1: 1168 x 1562 pixels

Sensor active surface dimensions

Sensor active surface dimensions Size 1: 22.2 x 29.6 mm

Gray scale

4096 grey levels (12 bits)


Size 1: 27,6 mm (W) x 37,7 mm (H) x 7,3 mm (D)


Size 1: 65 g

Input voltage

5V DC (USB interface)

USB interface

USB 2.0 high speed

USB connector

Plug Type A

Applications and Benefits


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