RVG 5200

Balancing the perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity, the new RVG 5200 sensor delivers powerful and reliable images at an affordable price point. And, thanks to its variety of imaging enhancements that empower accurate diagnoses, this intuitive sensor is the ideal solution for your basic intraoral imaging needs.

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Maximize your investment with CS Advantage: In order for you to get the most value from your Carestream Dental imaging solution, you need services that go beyond the point of purchase. We created CS Advantage to ensure that you have the best experience possible with your new system.

CS Advantage encompasses these three service pillars:

  • CS Protect: Extend the warranty of your equipment to ensure peace of mind
  • CS Update: Access to the latest updates available to ensure practice efficiency by staying up to date with the latest innovations
  • CS Support: Get the best services for continuing education and ongoing support

Already purchased a Carestream Dental product? Contact us to know the conditions to be enrolled in CS Advantage.

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Size 1

Size 2


SuperCMOS Scintillator Optical Fiber

SuperCMOS Scintillator Optical Fiber

Pixel size

19 µ

19 µ

True measured resolution

16 lp/mm

16 lp/mm

Active area

22,2 x 29,6 mm

26,6 x 35,5 mm

Overall dimensions

27,6 x 37,7 mm

32,2 x 44,2 mm

Sensor plate thickness

7,3 mm

7,3 mm

Gray scale

4096 grey levels (12 bits)

4096 grey levels (12 bits)

Input voltage



Applications and Benefits


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